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Upcoming Events:

  • March 14  Bair-ly Pulling Antique Tractor Pull – St. George, SC.
  • April 17-19 World Grits Festival – St. George, SC
  • October 2 & 3 Colleton County Rice Festival – Walterboro, SC.

Who We Are:

We are a new, family owned farm located in Saint George, SC. We look forward to providing local markets, restaurants, family, and friends with organically grown produce and other specialty items, such as canned goods and bath & body products.

Our Story:

We moved to Saint George in 2018, to get away from the hustle and bustle of Summerville and Charleston.  Our dream for the last few years has been to find a nice piece of property out in the country. We’re excited to finally have that and are thoroughly enjoying the peace and quiet out here.

Meet the Owners

Chip's Profile

Chip Cooper

Chip (Forrest Cooper, Jr.) grew up in West Ashley. He is a U.S. Army veteran and veteran of a foreign war. He attended college at West Georgia University. His professional experience includes commercial scuba diving, construction superintendent, aviation mechanic, and site lead in Afghanistan as a telecommunications mechanic with MilCom. He is currently employed with Boeing as a mechanic.

Chip always wanted to be a farmer. He thought it would be the coolest job ever! However, he never realized how difficult it could be and has a new found respect for farmers! Feeding people comes naturally to him as his mother was the little Italian lady that would feed EVERYONE!

He grew up hunting on Edisto Island and fishing inshore and on Lake Moultrie. He loves Labrador Retrievers and dreams of one day starting a lab rescue.

Jill's Profile

Jill Cooper

Jill was born in Charleston, but grew up in Oklahoma City with her mother and spent summers and holidays in the mountains of Kentucky with her father. She moved to Kentucky for two years before eventually moving back to Charleston to start high school. She has a B.S. in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix. Her professional experience includes being a former small business owner and she has over 20 years in business management with construction and engineering firms.

She grew up playing basketball, riding horses, and helping out in the garden. She loves being outdoors tending to the garden and growing unique things. Some of these include luffa, for handcrafted soapmaking; okra, for the best pickled okra you’ve ever tasted; blue java “vanilla icecream” banana trees, and garlic that will be fermented into black garlic. She eventually plans to grow grapes for making wine.